Genems Enterprise Management software provides customizable, scalable, secure, modular, next gen ENTERPRISE suite for your business needs

Large Enterprises

Genems RevenU EXPRESS

Ideal for upcoming small companies who would like to have a feature rich, flexible software, that allows them to accommodate their growth.

Genems RevenU STANDARD

With fully featured functionality, secure, scalable and multi-platform deployment option, PACT ERP delivers what it promise.

Genems Property

Streamline your real estate investment & operations, gain in-depth analysis with analytics, integrate your finances with enterprise wide solution through Genems Property.

Material Resource Planning

MRP is a systematic planning-and-control methodology for production and inventory.

Asset Management

It is a challenging yet mandatory requirement for most of the organizations to maintain an up-to-date asset record.

Project Management

How best will it be to achieve more profitability, develop new product and enhance your service portfolio by optimizing usage of resources?

Budget Management

Genems Budget Module is comprehensive and highly flexible as it allows you to manage your entire budgeting process as well as all of its related requirements.

Genems CRM

Gain insight to customer behavior, organize your sales force & manage varied contracts in-turn improving your client satisfaction & retention. Genems CRM organizes your marketing, sales and services operations, while cutting down your efforts in channelizing your work force.

Genems HRM

Genems HRM helps recruit, compensate, train, and appraise employees at all levels. Easy to use and flexible to customize, this solution helps engage and employee your workforce while integrating with other business operations.


Robust, Scalable Systems

We offer robust, scalable and customizable one-stop-solutions for all your business needs.

Faster Implementation

Our professional consultant will help jump-start your business automation while eliminating time delays

Highly Secure

Our entire gamut of offering undergoes rigorous development and quality cycles and thus provides impeccable Security.

Proven Reliability

Our large clientele base success stories speak of our success. Our successful partnership seals our reliability quotient.