Genems RevenU

Endless possibilities with Genems ERP Software for large enterprise

Financial Management

Your real-time assessment of your financial updates helps streamline your financial components that connects and run other parts of your business. Read more

Accounts Receivable & Payables

Genems Accounts Receivable & Payable solutions contribute to building and maintaining a sustainable brand image for companies amongst their peers. Read more

Budget Management

Genems Budget Module is comprehensive and highly flexible as it allows you to manage your entire budgeting process as well as all of its related requirements. Read more

Asset Management

Asset Management solution of PACT assists companies in utilizing their fixed assets to their maximum operating capabilities and plan for future investments. Read more


Enable use of integrated capabilities to manage your entire procurement process from Purchase Requisition/indent to the Accounts payable invoice Read more

Sales Management

A SMART solution to drive sales & customer satisfaction. Effective sales management is essentially a key to success as it is sales that keep a business going. Read more

Inventory Management

Achieve an increased visibility into movement and upkeep of your inventory, purchase orders, invoices, and contracts. Read more

Warehouse Management

Store & distribute goods smarter. Transform your storage & distribution system into a competitive advantage with Genems Read more

Retail Management

Bring a new level of transformation to your Point of Sale business with automation to your retail sales process. Read more

Manufacturing & MRP

At Genems, we are passionate about helping manufacturing businesses to deliver quality goods on time. Read more

Project Management

Thousands of project managers use Genems Project Management solution to simplify their project planning, costing & controlling. Read more


Building relationships to drive growth. Genems CRM software is an effective tool to acquire, engage & retain customers for more growth & revenue. Read more

Property Management

Streamline your commercial and residential real estate portfolio for higher returns. Read more


Nurturing a motivated work-force through hassle-free human resource management. Read more

In the globalized world today, competition is fierce and the market arena is highly dynamic. The gamut of offerings from competitors has widened the choices the customers have today. The only two options that organizations have are, keep following the competition to produce competitive upscale solutions for market or make the competition irrelevant with innovation by leveraging on competitive advantages. The former is what most organizations tend to choose, while the latter is that which will keep you ahead of the competition. To beyond competition, you need leverage on your strength, bring in agility into your processes, focus on efficiency and effectiveness of business activities and benefit from the ongoing innovation cycle.

At Genems, we raise this simple question to our clients. Is it necessary to put all their efforts to relentlessly manage and control their internal processes, while their real focus should be on leveraging their core capabilities. With our flagship ERP Software product Genems RevenU, we seek to answer this question by completely transforming the business processes of organizations. We enable the key decision makers of our customer companies to focus on their business goals, while on the other end we help to maintain and streamline their internal functions. We initiate a transformation that adds value the Return on Investments (ROI), reduce operational cost and increase efficiency of our clientele.

Key Features

Powerful customization

Multi company

Tamper proof security

Transaction authorization

Multi dimension

Report customization

Powerful executive dashboard

Customizable document designer

User defined shortcuts

Elegant and modern user interface

Multi language/locale support

Multi language/locale support

Document and report print designer

Easily import and export data

Highly scalable

Seamless migrations

Superior support

Company reporting


Robust, Scalable Systems

We offer robust, scalable and customizable one-stop-solutions for all your business needs.

Faster Implementation

Our professional consultant will help jump-start your business automation while eliminating time delays

Highly Secure

Our entire gamut of offering undergoes rigorous development and quality cycles and thus provides impeccable Security.

Proven Reliability

Our large clientele base success stories speak of our success. Our successful partnership seals our reliability quotient.