Accounting Software

Easy-to-use, secure & UAE VAT Compliant

Manage Bookkeeping, Accounts Receivables & Payables with great ease. Genems Accounting Software automates end-to-end accounting process.

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Genems Accounting Software is a simple and user-friendly financial management solution to handle the accounting of small, medium & large size companies in the UAE. In addition to general accounting and receivables & payables management, Genems helps companies in budget management and asset management.

Now increase efficiency & ensure 100% accuracy with Genems’s VAT compliant accounting software. Also, get quick & valuable insights into your company’s finances with the software’s customizable dashboards & reports.

Let Genems efficiency drive your business’s productivity.

Key Features

Manage Multiple Profit / Cost Centers


Accrual & Prepayment Management

Recurring & Reversal Journals

Intercompany Accounting

LC Management

Advanced Reporting

Cash Flow Analysis

Ratio Analysis

Cheque Discounting Management

PDC Management

Auto & Manual Bank Reconciliation

VAT / GST Compliant


Robust, Scalable Systems

We offer robust, scalable and customizable one-stop-solutions for all your business needs.

Faster Implementation

Our professional consultant will help jump-start your business automation while eliminating time delays

Highly Secure

Our entire gamut of offering undergoes rigorous development and quality cycles and thus provides impeccable Security.

Proven Reliability

Our large clientele base success stories speak of our success. Our successful partnership seals our reliability quotient.