Apps and Add-ons

Enhance and Extend the value of Genems with our ERP Apps and Add-ons

We understand that there may be instances where you are already running on another solution but in need of an additional component that helps better your performance. PACT ERP Apps and Add-ons offerings help enhance and extend what your current solution is providing.

Genems ERP Apps and Add-ons
Our ERP Apps and Add-ons allow you to extend the functionality of Genems solutions installed and running with you. Our Add-ons helps integrate various components including other vendor 3rd party applications. With our vast arena of offerings, we provide you with the best user experience by simplifying and optimizing repetitive tasks. Thus, in turn automating your system and helping channelize data stream from numerous data ports.


Robust, Scalable Systems

We offer robust, scalable and customizable one-stop-solutions for all your business needs.

Faster Implementation

Our professional consultant will help jump-start your business automation while eliminating time delays

Highly Secure

Our entire gamut of offering undergoes rigorous development and quality cycles and thus provides impeccable Security.

Proven Reliability

Our large clientele base success stories speak of our success. Our successful partnership seals our reliability quotient.