Budget Management Software

Plan your expenses and reduce uncertainties with the industry’s best budget software / business budgeting software. Planning and controlling expenses is a big challenge for many organizations. When forecasts go wrong, the entire business goes into a trouble. Hence, Genems has developed an in-depth Budget Software to give a solution.

Our budget management software helps companies to intelligently plan their business spend. And hence, Genems is one of the best business budgeting software systems in the UAE.

See what features does Genems Budgeting Software has to offer you.

Key Features

Reasons why Genems Business Budgeting Software is your best choice.
Budgets are very hard to make. But they lay a foundation for an organization’s financial decisions every year. Therefore, one has to adopt a reliable solution for budgeting. See how will Genems Budget software help you transform your business.

It is fast and accurate
Budgeting is a combination of the past, present and the future. It is so because, it considers data from the past, analyse the present marketing conditions and makes predictions for the future. Hence, manual budgeting is time-taking and prone to errors. With the data analytics and business intelligence capabilities of Genems budgeting software, budgeting is very fast and accurate.

It makes budgeting simple
Probably the greatest challenge that budget makers face is bringing together all expenses and incomes in a company. Inventory, salaries and wages are sure and direct expenses. Furthermore, maintenance, rent, marketing etc. are also some major cost centers in a company. On the other side, money comes in through sales. To prepare a budget one has to consider each one of these expenses and incomes. Therefore, budgeting is not a one-step process. It is a result of continuous iterations and what-if analyses. Our software automates it all. Hence, budgeting with Genems is quite simple yet very powerful and reliable.

It is no guesswork
Even after months of planning and computing budgets sometimes end up as failures. This is due to the fact that, they are not completely based on ‘facts and figures’. Instead, they are influenced by gut-feelings. With a budgeting software, one can track market trends and also the demand changes over years. Business intelligence capabilities of the software further enhance this data to give accurate forecasts. This way, our budget management software gives budgets with almost negligible variances.

Document level controlling
Another key benefit of Genems budget software is its ability to control expenses at the document level. For example, the software automatically restricts the approval of purchase orders when it goes beyond the budget set.

Other controlling benefits
Furthermore, Genems business budgeting software offers diverse budget / expense reports. As a result, one can instantly get the history of his expenses during any given period. He can also know the maximum limit of expenses. This helps to have a control over future spend. Furthermore, users can assess their expenses and take corrective actions if necessary.

Key Features

Capture business objectives for coming financial year

Consolidates budgets by cost centers and companies

Create and manage budgets for specific proposals, contracts, jobs and gl accounts

Exports to excel, text, tiff, pdf, html, rtf

Generate up-to-the minute reports to evaluate spending

Improve forecasting and budgeting for increased profitability and predict better investment opportunities for the future

Monitor profitability and identify problems in a more timely manner

Save valuable time and costs during project execution

Security by function

Track up-to-the-minute actual vs budget


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