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Acquire, engage and retain customers better with Genems CRM Software. Every business is unique. Their customer acquisition and management processes are also unique. Hence, Genems offers a highly customizable CRM solution to fulfill the unique needs of each organization.

Explore the key features of Genems Customer Relationship Management Software – best CRM Software in UAE.

Key Features

The benefits of a CRM application are many. It builds good relations with customers. It helps in gaining new customers and also in customer service. Read more on how Genems, one of the best CRM software could help your business.

Streamlining Sales Process & Customer Acquisition
Genems CRM application creates a platform to save the details of prospective customers and nurture them. It lets the users enter leads from different sources, like, inbound inquiries, cold calling or referrals. Team managers may assign leads to different salesmen. As the sales process progresses the sales team can also record the status of each lead. Hence, managers can effectively manage sales teams however big they are. Furthermore, it becomes quite easy to track leads along the sales funnel, from its start to end.

Customer Service
Customer service is probably the most important aspect of our customer relationship management software. With Genems web CRM solution, users can set up customer complaint portals. Hence, customers may register their clients online. In the back-end, users can retrieve data about each customer and the transactions with them. This will enable the users to quickly understand & resolve the complaints. As a result, client wait time comes down. It also results in customer delight. Furthermore, Genems offers user-friendly & customized mobile applications if required.

Marketing Campaigns
By tracking the buying patterns of individual customers, our software helps users to design various marketing campaigns. For example, it identifies the buying behaviour of customers belonging to different demography. As a result, marketers can introduce new offers and vouchers for different target groups. Furthermore, marketers can personalize promotional messages to customers using email marketing and other techniques.

A CRM software increases revenue in 2 ways. First of all, it makes sure that existing/regular customers are satisfied. After all, retaining customers is always more profitable than acquiring new customers. Customer relationship management software helps in creating offers & discounts for them as mentioned before. It also ensures that their complaints are taken care of. Secondly, a CRM application helps in up-selling & cross-selling. Hence, every time someone makes a purchase, the software can give a list of recommended products. They can be instantly sold or can be used for marketing campaigns thereafter increasing the frequency & volume of purchase.

Genems, the best CRM software in UAE serves all types of businesses, especially the small and medium businesses. Drive customer satisfaction and increase organizational profitability with Genems CRM solution!

Key Features

360 View of Customer Details

Automate Schedules, Sales and Marketing Tasks

Highly Customizable Data Entry Screens

Efficient Sales Forecasting Analysis

Export and Analyze Data

Generation of Follow Up Activities

Detail Tracking of Campaigns

Real-Time Analysis of Individual Contact, Lead, Opportunity, Contract and Case

Contract Management


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