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Knowing how to manage inventory is a skill. PACT Supply Chain Management Software / Inventory Control Software / Warehouse Management Software actually helps you achieve that. Supply chain management has a direct impact on the profitability of businesses. This is due to the fact that effective inventory management leads to reduction in costs. Furthermore, it adds to smooth production and even more sales.

Our SCM module consists of procurement software and inventory software. Warehouse management software module is also another key component of Genems software.

Explore the features of Genems Supply Chain Management Software.

Key Features

Benefits of using Genems SCM Software

Access to Data
You receive a purchase quotation from an existing vendor. You now want to see if negotiations are possible. How do you know that? It is indeed a time taking process to delve into age-old invoices from that vendor. Wouldn’t it be great if someone gives you all details of purchases from that vendor before? Probably this is what an inventory software does. Bringing to you all the information that you want at your fingertip.

Inventory Control
If you do not stock inventory your production might suffer while stocking more inventory may lead to wastage. Problems in production affect sales, hence revenue. Similarly piling of stock leads to more storing costs. Almost all businesses face this trouble of managing the optimal level of stock. An inventory management and warehouse management software will help you to solve this. It will give you real-time stock levels and also alert you when the stock goes below reorder point. Furthermore, by forecasting demand, it helps you to plan for the future too. Isn’t that interesting?

Unavailability of relevant data slows down inventory management. Likewise, lack of communication also affects inventory management. For example, delays in making requests and getting approvals is a common scene in almost all companies. The loss from such delays can be very huge. Inventory control software automates all buying processes, consequently improving communication between departments.

Automation of Manual Tasks
Automation of tasks is certainly the most noteworthy aspect of inventory control software. First of all, one need not manually take the stock level. Furthermore, the software creates documents like purchase order, invoice and quotation on its own.

Visibility is another important benefit of the inventory control software. For example, one can know how much stock is available in each warehouse using its warehouse management software module. Similarly, one can view the details of all purchases and vendors. It applies to many other aspects also, like tracking of order status.

Better Manufacturing Management
A continuous supply of inventory and accurate forecasts certainly help in smooth production. An SCM software assures both adding effectiveness to manufacturing.

Effective Retail Management
Besides production, SCM software also supports retail management. In addition to stock updates, the software gives reports about fast-moving goods. As a result, users can proactively plan and stock goods.

More Sales
Retail and production functions become more effective with SCM software. As a result, sales also improve. Above all, sales is what all businesses aim at.

Lesser Costs
SCM and warehouse management software cut cost in many ways. First of all, it optimizes the amount of stock reducing warehousing costs. Additionally, it reduces the wastage of stock by identifying the goods which do not move fast. Furthermore, by adding speed to whole operations it increases productivity.

Customer and Vendor Satisfaction
By timely delivering orders customers develop a sense of trust upon organizations. They later become loyal customers. Likewise, by dealing with vendors with more clarity and timeliness vendors will also be happy to do business with you.

Integration with Accounts
Almost all SCM activities especially procurement has an impact on accounts. Hence, it is important to have an integration between SCM module and Accounts. Genems offers seamless integration of SCM with accounting. Similarly, SCM is also integrated with Manufacturing, Retail, Projects & Payroll module.

Key Features

Purchase / Procurement Management


Request for Quotation

Purchase Quotation

Comparative Statement

Purchase Order

Goods Receipt Note

Purchase Invoice & Purchase Return

Vendor Management

Configurable Collection & Discount Terms

Sales Management


Sales forecast

Request for Quotation

Purchase Quotation

Comparative Statement

Purchase Order

Goods Receipt Note

Purchase Invoice & Purchase Return

Vendor Management

Hold/ Reserve Concept

Inventory Management

Material Requirement Planning

Multi-Stock Valuation Methods

Multi-Warehouse Stock Control

Serial No. / Batch / Bin Wise Stock Control

Stock Aging

Stock Receipt, Issues, Transfer, Stock Journal

Bar coding

Hold / Reserve Items

Physical Stock Verification Process

Reorder Management

Product performance tracking


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