Genems Payroll Software

Human resource is the most important asset of any organization. Hence, give your best to it. Simplify your HR administration, but not compromise quality, with Genems Payroll software.

Genems Payroll software is one of the best Payroll software for small businesses and big enterprises. Our payroll accounting software frees you from complex payroll calculations. It also maintains detailed employee records. Furthermore, it gives diverse reports useful for effective human resource management.

See the key features of the best Payroll Software.

Key Features

Genems Payroll System is for those who value their human resources!
Genems Payroll Accounting Software / Payroll System for small businesses and large enterprises adds value to your HR functions. See how can our HR and Payroll Software help your organization.

It simplifies complex calculations
Genems HR and Payroll Software completely automates salary calculations. Different companies have different methods to compute salary. Several other factors also affect every month’s salary. The number of leaves taken, overtime pays, commissions etc. are a few examples. Hence, salary calculations are complex. By automating the whole process, Genems payroll software Dubai makes it very simple.

It saves time & reduces errors
As mentioned before, payroll computations are very complex. As a result, they are time-taking and are also prone to errors when done manually. It is even more difficult when organizations have hundreds of employees. Our best payroll software completes payroll calculations in very short time irrespective of the number of employees. Chances of errors are also minimal.

It is integrated with Accounts
Genems Payroll accounting software is integrated with Accounts. This is very important because as you all know, payroll has a direct impact on Accounting. With Genems solution users need not spend hours to account for HR expenses every month, it is automatically done. Furthermore, the software also gives accurate HR expense forecasts. This, in turn, helps in budgeting.

Gives quality time for HR functions
Probably the primary function of an HR manager is to motivate and groom employees. But in many organizations, they are tied up with the administrative burden of managing payroll. Consequently, they lose grip of employee satisfaction. By easing all the HR administrative works, Genems HR Payroll software lets managers spend quality time for their employees.

Furthermore, our software tracks document expiry and helps users to manage vacations too! Go to Genems HRM module to know more about our HR functionalities.

Key Features

Site wise / job wise job card entry

Daily payroll entry

Appraisal report

Salary analysis

Deduction summary report

End of service benefits

Vacation management

Loans and advances

Visa, passport, contract expiration Maintenance and tracking

Employee transfer, promotions, increments history


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