Manufacturing ERP Software

Increase efficiency and quality of production with Genems Manufacturing Software / MRP Software. Proper planning and communication are the two main components of efficient production. Smooth production leads to profitability. A production software helps production units to achieve profitability. How?

First of all, the data management capabilities of production software help companies to properly schedule production. Furthermore, the software helps them to best make use of their resources (resource allocation). A manufacturing ERP software is also an MRP software and has many other features.

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Key Features

You need Genems manufacturing ERP software because of these reasons:

Faster & more accurate material requirement planning
Material Requirement Planning is probably the first level when one steps into the real manufacturing process. Hence, it has to be excellently executed. While manual MRP consumes a lot of time and manpower, Genems MRP software completes the task within seconds. Furthermore, they are far more accurate than the manual methods.

Cost control & cost reduction
Accuracy in MRP Software helps to plan for material procurement. By keeping an optimal level of inventory, companies cut down the carrying costs. Furthermore, it reduces wastage of materials and hence the finances. Finally, by executing a proper resource allocation & MRP plan, the production software also reduces downtime costs. It also gives an estimate of total & breakup costs for each product. After analyzing such reports, users may be able to find out the ways to reduce costs further.

Product pricing
The manufacturing ERP software accurately estimates the value of each input that goes into production. Be it the raw materials, machinery or human resources, the software tracks the cost of each item. As a result, users are able to price the product precisely.

Improved communication
The final product of a manufacturing unit may be small, but the kind of planning that goes into its making is huge. Manufacturing management involves coordination between two or among all departments. For example, orders come from the sales department. Materials come from the inventory department. Warehouses also come into play while dealing with inventory. Similarly, the accounting and finance department is also inseparable in manufacturing. Hence, to achieve this collaboration a manufacturing software gives a virtual platform. There, users may be able to see all aspects of the production in real-time reducing communication gaps and errors. It also adds value to their work.

More visibility
Like communication, visibility is another benefit of a manufacturing software. Users can view and analyze the real-time status of everything related to executing an order. Available resources, their cost and production time are available at the fingertip. Similarly, one can also know the production status of each order at any given time.

A well-defined workflow
Clarity enhances productivity. A production management software draws a well-defined work process flow. It gives a direction, as to what comes next, one after the other. Above all, it empowers employees to independently execute the job.

Track product details
Tracking of product information in minute details is yet another benefit of the software. One can know everything about a product – its making date and the quantity of each input that went into it. Furthermore, it tracks the source of each raw material. Tracking such information is of great help. First of all, it helps in resolving customer complaints if any. Furthermore, it helps in continuous product improvement and research.

Responding to demands
Responding fast to the changing market needs is a competitive advantage. A manufacturing software helps to proactively plan and ensure a continuous supply of products. Even more than that, users will be able to quickly address urgent demands. This is possible because of the software’s computing, coordinating and communicating abilities.

Customer satisfaction & sales
Apart from a quality product, quality service also affects customer satisfaction. A manufacturing software achieves that. It makes sure that orders are fulfilled on time. Furthermore, detailed product information helps users to address product failures and customer complaints effectively. As a result, more sales happen and finally profits.

Key Features

Multiple Level BOMS

Batch wise consumption analysis

Shortfall reports

Estimated vs. Actuals analysis

Standard costing / Production costing

Stage wise production analysis

Export & import data

Work in process reporting

Manpower & machine requirement and usage

Requirement analysis bases on BOM or batch


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