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There are many ingredients to successful project completion. First of all, it is a well-crafted plan that guides a project. Apart from giving a focus, a plan also helps to monitor project progresses. Secondly, project budgeting makes sure that a project brings in only profits not losses to a business. Genems Project Management Tool /Project Costing Software is an excellent solution to plan, monitor and control any complex project.

See the key features of Genems, the best project management software.

Key Features

Deliver projects on time & ensure 100% customer satisfaction with the best Project Management Software in UAE. See how our Project Management System could help your business.

Project planning
Not all projects are of the same nature and length. Bigger projects certainly need a project management and project costing software. This is because, as the project size increases its complexity also increases. So does the project completion time. Large projects also contain many inter-related sub-projects. To resolve this complexity, Genems project management system, breaks down projects into different phases. Furthermore, it defines measurable milestones and estimates the time each activity will take. The cost of each activity is also computed by the project costing software. This way, our project management software draws a very detailed- step by step or day-by-day plan from project start till its end.

Assigning of tasks & monitoring
As mentioned before, a project is a combination of many related and unrelated activities. One cannot handle it single-handed. It is also said that ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’. Hence, the best solution will be to break down tasks and assign each activity to different individuals. This will prove useful in project execution in many ways. First of all, by assigning activities through Genems Project management tool, managers can easily monitor the progress of the project. Furthermore, it will help users to better coordinate the project as there is a clear picture as to who does what and when.

Project Costing
Another important benefit of Genems project management system / project management tool is project costing. Our project costing software creates project budget by estimating the cost of each activity in a project. It further breaks down the total budget into a monthly or weekly allocation. Along with the project progress users record the actual cost of each activity. As a result, managers can easily see the project cost variances through our project costing software. Progressive billing is yet another key feature of Genems project costing software.

Lack of visibility to project status is probably one big challenge that manual project management techniques face. Visibility is important because only by knowing the actual status of the project can one take corrective actions. With Genems project management tool, the best project management software Dubai, users can view the real-time status of a project or even multiple projects. For example, one can know which activity is completed and which is delayed. Furthermore, the estimated & actual time of project/activity completion can be showcased in the software. Similarly, one can know if the actual spent is more than the budgeted cost. It also gives the details of the assignee for each activity. In short, Genems assures 360-degree visibility to your project.

Internal collaboration
Genems project management system necessitates the users to timely update the status of the project as it progresses. As a result, information flows freely among the employees involved. For example, when an activity is completed, the software notifies assignees for the next level to start their activity. Furthermore, employees can add comments or create notes specific to the works they handle. In doing so, the software streamlines the work done by different teams towards the same project.

External communication
Managers have to constantly update the project status to the clients. Similarly, they also have to often coordinate with external service providers. They can effectively handle these external communications only when they have a clear idea of what is going on within a project. Genems project management system gives you accurate & timely information facilitating this external communication.

Reports & dashboards
In addition to all other ways to share information, Genems, the best project management software Dubai gives many dashboards and reports useful for quick understanding & decision making.

Integrated with accounts
Our Project management/project costing software can be seamlessly integrated with Accounting module & SCM module. This further facilitates the procurement of materials and accounting for each of them.

Key Features

Multiple project creation

Project Report customization

Accounting integration

Multiple payment options

Multi-currency options


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