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Simplify & increase profits of your retail business with Genems Retail Software / Point of Sale Software. Genems gives 10 times more precision & ease than manual retail management methods. How?

Our point of sale software takes over the customer-front operations. It does all back-office operations also. As a result, Genems retail software also improves the speed of doing business. Our Retail POS software serves 1000s of big and small retail businesses. Be a SMART retailer with Genems Point of Sale Software and Retail Software!

Look at the key features of Genems Retail Management Software.

Key Features

Reasons why Genems Retail POS Software is popular!

All types of retailers entrust their business to Genems POS software. Supermarkets, restaurants & distribution centers top our list. See how our Retail Software could help your business!

Inventory Control
Our retail software gives you accurate & complete data about each product. Bar code & QR code scanners remove the need to type individual item names & prices. Additionally, it renders more speed and accuracy to the data. Furthermore, by displaying the product information including the price on the screen the retail pos software reduces the chances of errors at the cash counter. In the back office, together with product information the software tracks stock levels too. The ‘day close’ feature of the software enables users to accurately view the sales activity at the end of each day. Another benefit of using Genems is that all data regarding your business gets stored in a central database. Hence, it takes you only a few seconds to find an information from the software. This is in contrast to the usual methods which use different registers to record different aspects of a product.

Convenient payments & faster checkouts
Faster checkouts is an important part of good store experience and Genems assures that. To achieve this speed, first of all, the software captures data about the items bought using barcode/QR code scanners. Scanning is certainly faster than typing item name/serial number. There is an added advantage of ‘zero errors’ also. Secondly, the software offers price charts and does automatic billing. Finally, it accepts the payment via card and cash, allows split payment & processes returns (if any). The system also prints detailed VAT compliant bills simultaneously saving time. Our point of sale software thus assures faster check-outs and a very good store experience.

Staff management
Genems POS Software lets managers track the performance of each employee too. It’s shift close feature records the number of hours worked by each retail staff and the sales made by them. This helps in calculating employees’ actual work-hours, calculate pay and monitor their overall performance.

Product management
As an extension of giving inventory reports, the software also helps in product management. Based on the quantity & frequency of sales, our retail pos software identifies the fast-moving items. It also identifies the items which are not sold/less frequently sold. Furthermore, customized reports will classify products based on profit margins. As a result, retail managers may know the ideal mix of stock for increased profits.

Sales & marketing planning
As all sales get recorded in the software’s central database, users can generate diverse reports out of it. Tracking sales patterns & customer behavior is one such benefit of our POS system. Using sales data over years, users can identify how do sales change over different months in a year – seasonal changes. Similarly, one can also track the trends in the type & quantity of products sold in each season. This helps in planning promotional offers on various products & brands to balance sales and increase profits. Our retail system, when, combined with CRM module records customer data also. As a result, users can understand the buying patterns of each customer. This information will certainly help managers in sales & marketing planning.

Inventory reports
Our retail pos software is seamlessly integrated with inventory and procurement modules. As a result, the software’s processing abilities accurately capture stock changes every minute. In doing so users know what stock is available and how much is available. When it falls below required quantities, the software automatically sends alerts for procurement also. Furthermore, users can track the product expiry using Genems POS integrated with barcode scanning.

Retail dashboards
Apart from giving in-depth reports, our software also gives a quick view of the sales matters through retail dashboards. They are very easy to understand, let real-time comparisons possible and hence assist in decision making.

Key Features

Cashier drawer reconciliation

Barcode scanners, electronic cash drawers and display bars support

Multi warehouse

Printer routing

Split payment handling

Detailed audits for security

Real-time credit card and check guarantee processing

Real-time updates to inventory and accounts

Separate full and quick invoicing

Serial number invoicing support


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